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Surf Shack

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Ferrycarrig Hotel has teamed up with the best adventure suppliers in County Wexford. They have guaranteed us the ultimate experience for our guests to enjoy. 

The Surf Shack is located in Curracloe Beach in Co. Wexford. The Surf Shack is located right beside The Winning Post at the foot of the Raven Nature Reserve & filming location for Saving Private Ryan.   

Ferrycarrig Hotel are big fans of adventures and water sports in Wexford. We caught up with owner Jack Tim about the Surf Shack.  

surfshack beach

The idea behind the Surf Shack. 

The idea of the surf shack came from Alice and Jack Tim who spent a lot of time on the beach growing up. One day Alice and Jack were on the beach skim boarding and a lot of people stopped to watch them. Skim boarding can take place on very shallow water on a thin wooden board and you basically skim across the water. This started to gather a lot of attention on the beach as we used our own home-made boards. We started to sell our home made boards on the sand and we could see the need for beach activities.  

In the Summer 2013 we started to teach surfing classes and opened up the surf shack. The business really grew from there, before we set up the surf shack there was no water sports on Curracloe Beach.  These water sport activities are so important to have in Wexford as we have been educating the community on water safety and how to surf safely. It’s a wonderful sport for young children to practise and have fun. We have noticed a lot of the local community getting involved over the last few years, parents will bring their children to a surf class and stay and watch them and then in turn book in for their own lessons. They watched their kids surf these big waves with confidence and it’s great to see it. Surfing is an individual sport and we come at it from a non competitive angle. It’s a great outlet for kids to enjoy if they don’t enjoy the team sports and want to enjoy something different. All levels are welcome and you can have fun at any level.  

surfshack surfers

Who can visit the Surf Shack. 

Here at Surf Shack, we cater for kids aged 2 – 6 in our busy bees group which is so much fun. The group is 40 minutes and it is to get the kids out on a surf board to see how they enjoy the water. We are very lucky Curracloe beach is a very safe beach so we can cater for such young ages. Our most popular package at the surf shack is our kids camp. This is for ages 6 – 16. The camp introduces kids to lots of great water sports including sandboarding, paddle boarding, surfing and lots of other beach games. We also teach them about water safety and the safety of weather updates and water sports. We find that the children come away a lot more confident after the camp and they have a well-rounded knowledge about the water, the sports and the safety. Our most popular group for adults is our 2 hour private session. This a great way for us to get to know our customers and for them to know us. On this trip we talk you through the nature that surrounds us on Curracloe Beach, the history of the beach and interesting stories from the area. All of our activities are weather permitting so on this session we teach you about the weather and what sport is safe to do so at different times. We cater for all levels, if you are a beginner and you want to start off with lying on the surf board that is a huge adventure for you and if you are advanced and want to catch the big waves that is your adventure! Our team can cater for all.  

surfshack daylight

Where is the coolest place you have taken part in an water adventure? 

The coolest place I have been for an adventure is Co. Sligo! They have the most wonderful waves and rivers. We go every winter and take part in the latest adventure and this gives us such a buzz as we know we can bring the adventure back to Curracloe in Co. Wexford.  This is a great way to keep the buzz and adventure going and keeps our activities fresh! You have to go on adventures yourself to give others the adventure.  

My favourite part about being on the water is this sense of freedom and calmness, you are really living in the present when you are on the water, partially because you have to keep your wits about you for safety reasons but the sense of freedom is great! You never want to leave the water and it is the most fun place to be in the world.  

My personal favourite adventure is big wave surfing. We are very lucky to have great big waves in Ireland. Ireland have some of the best waves in the world! 

surfshack sun

What makes the Surf Shack stand out? 

Our experience stands out because our amazing team put so much effort in to getting to know our customers. We get to know you and find out what you want to get from the session and we help you do this in a fun safe way. Our instructors are there to make sure you get the best out of the experience we offer. We have always ensured we are offering you unique activities to take part in. When you come to the surf shack you are getting the best activities. We try and test all of the activities first to ensure you will enjoy it! We want you to take something away with you after you visit.  


Opening times. 

We are closed during level 5 and we open from March – October. The winter months can be very very cold in Ireland so we close for these times to go off on an adventure ourselves and make sure we bring back the best activities and adventures available.  


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