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Riverwood Wellness

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Welcome to Riverwood Wellness. Our brand new treatment rooms in Ferrycarrig Hotel.

Jody Rossiter is the senior therapist here in Riverwood Wellness.


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Tell us about Riverwood Wellness.

Riverwood Wellness has 2 treatment rooms here in the Ferrycarrig Hotel. We like to focus on the relaxation side of beauty as we feel when you are away on holidays it is always nice to de-stress and unwind. Our focus is to make the client feel like they are 100% relaxed and leave feeling like they are walking on air. We do many relaxation treatments here including Swedish massage, hot stone massage, facials, exfoliations, body wrap , hopi ear candles etc. Even our manicures and pedicures are relaxing as we do it with you lying on our heated beds, this way you feel like you are getting more than just a manicure/pedicure. As we are aware everyone’s needs are different so we can accommodate everyone who comes in and customize the treatments especially for your needs.

What products do you use here?

We use Dermalogica here in Riverwood Wellness for our face and body treatments. I have worked with Dermalogica before and fell in love with it straight away.  I feel it is one of those products that really do work and it suits everyone’s skin type.  Our facials are customised to suit your needs. You can buy the products here in Riverwood Wellness to keep up the homecare yourself.

We use aromatherapy oils from Pevonia. There are different types of oils; stress relieving oils help to de-stress the whole body, energising oils help to uplift the body.

We use CND Vinylux nail polishes in our manicure and pedicures.


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What can someone expect coming in for a treatment?

Relaxation! We have 25 minute 50 minute and 70 minute treatments.  We ask that you arrive 15 minutes before your treatment; we will give you a gown and slippers to change in to. Once you have filled out your consultation form we then bring you into one of our two treatment rooms. The rooms are nicely dimmed to help you relax and we have heated blankets on the beds to make them extra cosy (and very difficult to get up off after your treatments!) We have had many people falling asleep on us! After the treatment we then give you a ginger and lemon herbal tea.


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Tell us about the Body Wraps.

The body wraps are a great way to relax and are different from the norm of having a full body massage. They are extremely relaxing and your skin feels amazing afterwards. We have 2 different types; one uses a mineral salt exfoliator which is great for very dry skin and we use a nourishing mask which compliments the exfoliator. The other exfoliator is more suited for sensitive, mature and pigmented skin; it has an ingredient in it called rice bran which is very brightening on the skin. We then put on an algae mask. We wrap you up and while the mask is on we do a scalp massage to help take away all those stresses. Again these treatments can be customised and we can mix and match the products used so you get the benefits you need from it.  We should be exfoliating our skin at least once a week to get rid of all the dead skin cells and leaving our skin baby soft!

Do you have Facials suitable for all skin types?

Yes. The best thing about Dermalogica is that it is suitable for all skin types from teenagers right up to mature skin. If you haven’t had a Dermalogica facial before we will start you off on our grey line range of products and then gently move you up to our advanced products.

Our age smart facial is perfect for anti-ageing or for anyone who is concerned about fine lines and wrinkles.

If you suffer from acne we do have a medibac facial which is fantastic for adult acne.

We have a facial for teenage skin that helps eliminate bacteria and prevents breakouts.

All ladies love getting their nails done, colours to match the new dress or colours to go with the season, tell us about the CND Vinylux nail varnish you have here.

Nails are very popular here. We use the CND Vinylux which is from the makers of shellac but it’s a 7 day polish. We find it’s very popular because not everyone wants to have shellac on their nails so the 7 day polish is the perfect alternative and it comes off easily with normal nail polish remover. The colours are fantastic and there is a colour out there to suit everyone.


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What treatment would you recommend for athletes who may have muscle pain?

The Swedish massage is a great massage as it can be customised to each individual’s needs. The hot stone massage would be another great treatment to have to help relax tired achy muscles.

Tell us about some of the treatments you have here.

Mums to be…

Our mum to be massage combines our full body massage with our leg revitaliser massage. It can be done for women who are 16weeks pregnant right up to the end of their pregnancy. It is a nice relaxing all over body massage and at the end we concentrate on the lower legs and feet with our leg revitaliser treatment, this is an exfoliaton and massage of the lower legs and feet and a cooling gel is applied at the end which is perfect for tired legs and poor circulation. A complete pamper treatment!

Hot stone massage…

The hot stone massage is an amazing way to completely relax and unwind. The hot stone massage has been around for many years and is believed to have healing powers. It is a great treatment to have if you suffer for depression or anxiety or even just the stresses and strains everyday life has on our bodies. Our stones are heated for a good 30-60 mins before the treatment so the stones can retain the heat for a more effective massage. A hot stone massage is not a deep tissue massage but one movement with the stones is like 5 with the hands so they are very powerful. This treatment in particular is a favourite with our customers.

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Hopi ear candling…

This is fantastic if you suffer from sinus or migraines or if your ears are blocked. It has a chimney effect so what we do is we put the candle in your ear and light it and let it burn. This evaporates all of the ear wax and sucks it in to the ear candle which helps to unblock your ears.  It’s very therapeutic with most people drifting off to sleep. We start with pressure points, we burn the candles in each ear and then we finish this treatment off drainage and a pressure point scalp massage.

Tension Release Massage…

Tension release massage works on the upper body, it’s perfect if you work at a computer all day if you drive quite a lot or if you are stressed from everyday life. We all tend to hold our stresses in our back and head so this treatment works on releasing all those knots from these areas.

Riverwood signature aroma massage.

This massage is for someone who isn’t really concerned with aches and pains and is just in for complete relaxation. We have different types of aromatherapy oils that we can use in our treatments to suit the client.


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What is the most popular treatment?

Massage is our most popular treatment in the spa, whether it be a Swedish massage or a hot stone massage, we have one to suit everyone!

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